Fisherman Lands a Beast

Sturgeon fishing is one of the most highly sought sport fishing excursions for those on the West Coast.  Fishermen from across the world come try their hand on none other than the Fraser river in British Columbia for truly record breaking finds.  And it makes perfect sense – the top three sturgeon catches by weight and length were all found on the Fraser river. 

As recently as 2014, one guided group of anglers made their way into the record books with an 1,100 lb catch. The boat record for white sturgeon, however, remains with Joey Pallotta in Benicia, California.  In 1983, he made his name into the Guinness Book of World Records for his 468 lb white sturgeon.  With all this fervor about hooking this prehistoric beast, it’s no wonder that this group of fishermen managed to catch an impressive 700 lb find.


Sturgeon Fishing Just Got More Challenging

Sturgeon fishing has come under some pressure recently due to their inclusion in the endangered species list.  However, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has pointed out – it’s the Atlantic sturgeon, not the Pacific.  However, the white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) is still very much in season.  These critters can grow up to 1,700 lbs and and 20 feet in length.  Many of the fishermen who pursue these majestically large fish tend to be of the “catch and release” variety because ultimately, while sturgeon has been compared to tuna, many sportsmen feel the need to preserve the species.  This keeps the sport of sturgeon fishing very much alive while keeping them off the endangered species list. In order to seek out the larger of the white sturgeon, sport fishermen now travel up into British Columbia’s acclaimed Fraser river.  Renowned for its 2012 record catch by Michael Snell, sport fishermen ever since have been striking up the same territory in hopes of placing their names in the annals of fishing history.

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It was no accident.  Michael Snell, an Englishman from Salisbury, set out with his wife Margaret for the excursion of a lifetime.  In an epic battle of man versus fish, Snel