This Alaskan Fishing Boat’s Loading Technique Will Surprise You

Alaskan fishermen are world renowned for their ability to head out on some of the most treacherous seas and come back in one piece. Their no nonsense attitude is what makes Alaska fishing trips so productive for visitors and veterans alike. Below we’ll see just how good teamwork and experience pay off as this Alaskan fishing craft breaches right up into the boat tow trailer and nails it on the first try.

Make no mistake – it’s a team effort the entire time. With two fishermen waist deep in icy water, no one wants to waste any more time than they have to. When planning your Alaska fishing trip, you definitely want to sign on with a crew like this. They know what to do, where to go, and lose no time getting in and out of the water.


Setting Yourself Up For Success In A Boat Tow

One of the scariest parts of getting out on the high seas for a fishing trip is the loading and unloading of the boat into the water. A lot of fishermen swear by the tried and true method of using a dock – but sometimes you don’t have that luxury depending on where you want to fish. With every liter of marine diesel worth its weight in Halibut, no one wants to go twenty or thirty nautical miles out of their way to hit fishing gold.

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Going it alone in the Alaskan wilderness is a risky proposition. In Alaska, it’s all about having a small team of people you trust who can help you tow your boat out of the wate