Loading Boat Y

This Alaskan Fishing Boat’s Loading Technique Will Surprise You

Alaskan fishermen are world renowned for their ability to head out on some of the most treacherous seas and come back in one piece. Their no nonsense attitude is what…

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RC Tow Truck Out Of Lake

Tow Truck Hauls Up More Than Just A Water-Logged GMC

When great weather hits, it’s time to get that boat onto the water. Loading ramps are a great way to slowly lower a boat trailer into the water without scraping…

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The World's Most Beautiful Golf Drive

The World’s Most Beautiful Golf Drive

Alright, so the only thing hotter than this girl is her golf drive. Check it out. She nails it! This is the sort of thing that shatters stereotypes. You know…

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WB Ice Fishing Tip-Up

This Ice Fishing Tip-Up Brings In A Big One!

There’s nothing more exciting than rolling out on the deep ice on your snowmobile to see the pleasant sign of fish-on-the-line! Ice fishing traps are a great way to trap…

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World's Largest ATV

World’s Largest ATV

What could be finer than blasting through a massive mud pit on your favorite ATV? Well, how about blasting through your favorite mud pit on the world’s largest ATV? This…

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Falling On Ice

Stuntman Shows Off How To Fall On Ice

“The Art of Falling” is a combination stunt reel for professional stuntman Jamie Treschak and simply outtakes of an ad. But what’s more amazing than simply watching this guy take…

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2016 Flying Cars: Comparing the Maverick, Skyrunner, and PAL-V

Since the days of early 1950s science fiction, writers predicted the day when cars would fly.  Even Popular Mechanics tried to call the flying car as early as 1902.  Of…

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fire pit

Dakota Fire Pit: A Great Start to Surviving the Wilderness

It’s a simple technique that’s been around since before the first Americans pioneered into the West – yet it’s taken its name for being resistant against the gusting winds found…

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smokeless fire

Tips on How to Make a Smokeless Fire

We’ve all heard the saying, “where there is smoke – there’s fire.” However, what would happen if there was a way to make a reliable fire without giving away your…

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fisherman catch

Fisherman Lands a Beast

Sturgeon fishing is one of the most highly sought sport fishing excursions for those on the West Coast.  Fishermen from across the world come try their hand on none other…

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