Could Your Next Ambulance Be a Drone?

Believe it or not – this company from the Netherlands is developing it. The emergency medical drone is the latest to come from TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) – a place known for finding unique ways to re-imagine technology in society. And it’s pretty fascinating to see how a rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicle could be the difference between life and death.

Especially for inner city areas and extremely remote regions, ambulances and EMT crews have a tough job. Not only are they tasked with saving people’s lives – they have to fight through rush hour traffic and dangerous conditions to get there in minutes. While drones may not be able to transport emergency patients – yet – it is interesting to see what life saving technologies can be delivered on extremely short notice.


The ABCs of Life Saving

In almost all medical emergencies, there are three major problems that need immediate attention – clear and unobstructed airways(A), blood loss(B), and circulation(C). Especially when there is sudden cardiac arrest, the time to survive is measured in minutes. That’s why TU Delft’s medical responder drone is actually one of the best ideas ever.

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Versus fighting through rush hour traffic or trying to push past bystanders, a technician pilots a mobile defibrillator to a first responder. That first responder or good samarit