Female Flag Football Phenom

Watching college girls run around the football field trying to tag each other sounds like something out of a dream, right? Well, check out this video of a sorority girl having the run of her life! The way a few people scream you would think they are at a major league game!
The back story on this one is pretty cool, too. As it turns out, Florida State’s Beta Theta Pi chapter is known for putting on events to raise money for its charity, the United Way of the Big Bend. So, they organized a flag football event, raised some money, and had a highlight the likes of which you would normally see on a Sports Center NFL play of the day recap!

As soon as the ball is snapped, she takes off down the field, juking and dodging several would-be tacklers. The beginning of the video looks as though she might get her flag stolen pretty quick when three would-be tacklers flank her and go in for the kill. Yet, she comes to life and does some fancy foot work that would make Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers look like novices.


If you are familiar with flag football then you know why this video is one for the record books. All you have to do is grab the flag from the person who is carrying the ball. There is no tackling involved whatsoever, and that actually makes the sport much, much harder. All of that spinning and twisting, jumping and dodging… you would’ve thought someone would have been able to grab one of her flags. Yet, nobody even came close!

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So who is this flag football phenom anyway? Her name is Michelle Roque. She was a former soccer player for her high school as well as the flag football quarterback of the North Br