Fisherman Finally Catches This Elusive Monster

You have got to check out this ice fishing demonstration. You won’t believe this guy’s catch! This is what every guy dreams for their fishing trip to turn out. I mean after all, after you suit up under multiple layers of clothing, haul your ice hut out to the lake, set up your space heaters, plop your chairs down and whatever minimal nourishment you have for the duration, then saw a hole in the ice… you want to catch something epic. At least I do.

I don’t know about you, but most of the time the epic part escapes me. Those monster trout are more elusive than those snipes I used to hunt with my fellow boy scouts back in the day. If you don’t know what snipe hunting is, you need to go one time. If you catch one, you will be famous. Just Google it and see what I mean.


The Real Challenges of Ice Fishing

Back to ice fishing though. It is just plain hard. A lot harder than trying to catch imaginary birds at least. My hands get so cold holding the reel, and the visibility always stinks. It’s not like regular fishing at all. At least when I’m doing that, I can stare off into the distance, or gaze around from my seat on the boat, looking towards the bank to see what else might be lurking below. Not the case with ice fishing. Nope. It’s just me, my cold hands, my reel, and a lot of waiting.

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On the rare occasion I do catch something, it is typically not even worth mentioning. I am a guy after all. I have an ego to maintain. It’s not like I plan to catch the smallest