Ford vs. Toyota in an Epic Tug of War

This is one of those epic tug-of-wars where two pickup trucks get together and see who wins. There are many of these plastered all over the Internet, yet this tug-of-war situation is a bit unique. For starters, it pits an American truck, the Ford Raptor, against a foreign import, the Toyota Tundra. The Tundra looks pretty beefy with its extended cab, but that does not mean it will emerge as the victor. In fact, the extra weight might hurt it in the long run. It is beaten rather handily, as it turns out. However, take another look and you notice a few things going on. It seems like there is more to this tug-of-war than simply a Ford Raptor truck beating a foreign import. Take a look at what I see.

Four-wheel-drive. The Ford starts off in four-wheel-drive. If you look close you can see this at the beginning, even though the camera man attempts to be a little bit sly and hide this fact from discovery. That gives the Ford Raptor an edge over the Toyota from the get go.


The newbie factor. The driver in the Toyota remarks that he has never done this before and is wondering what to do. The only response is a countdown and it becomes pretty evident at that point that he should just step on the gas. This might have rattled him a bit psychologically, making him slower to react. Don’t worry, I’m with you on this one, trash talk is part of tug of war. You have to deal with the mental acrobatics as well. However, the last point probably seals the deal for the Ford truck before the whole affair ever got started.

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Look at the tires. The Toyota Tundra has a lower profile tire, while the red Raptor has a much higher profile tire. High-profile tires mean more traction when you need