Souped Up Supra Smokes a Top Notch Ferrari

A quarter million dollar car, the Ferrari 458 is a racing beast that gets pitted against the likes of McLaren F-1s and even the new Ford GT. So, when it decides to take on a souped-up tuner Toyota Supra – we’re expecting a pretty one-sided race. And that was this driver’s first mistake. Surprisingly the Toyota Supra off the factory line isn’t very impressive. Ranging from 225 to 320 hp, it was designed as a low-budget, highly customizable sports car that teenagers around the world coveted. What it is not is a two door Italian coupe with accolades and broken racing records like the Ferrari. Let’s break this down.

Ferrari 458 Goes Head-to-Head with a Toyota Turbo Supra – Big Mistake

The Toyota Supra was designed with a commendably robust 3.0 L V6 2JZ-GE (also GTE) engine which, in terms of lightweight, versatile, and heavily performance driven – it certainly accomplished Toyota’s racing needs. The true twist was actually in the variety of after-market modifications that came out to take the Supra’s racing capabilities to the next level of competitiveness.


Starting with a used model Mark IV (MkIV) Toyota Supra, stock build ran near $40,000 MSRP until Toyota stopped producing them in 2002. Let’s talk about what gets added after that to make it able to compete and win against larger, more robust European racers.

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What’s a MAP-ECU? Remote control spec performance greatness in a nutshell. With only five wires, this system is a remotely controlled override of the Toyota factory default se