Stuntman Shows Off How To Fall On Ice

“The Art of Falling” is a combination stunt reel for professional stuntman Jamie Treschak and simply outtakes of an ad. But what’s more amazing than simply watching this guy take a fall on some black ice is the form he uses to make it look convincing. It’s a technique called rolling and it’s taught everywhere from martial arts studios to workers at risk. Quite simply, instead of trying to regain balance – you simply let yourself fall. Upon contact, roll in the same direction you are predominantly falling in. This should help redirect the impact versus absorbing it. Extreme sports like Parkour actually rely upon being confident rolling out of a fall.

Construction Work Hazards

The main setting for this was, unsurprisingly, a construction site. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falling is the leading cause of workplace injury. It’s super easy to do and there are a great many factors that play into it such as weather conditions, lack of proper safety equipment, and attention to detail. One of the few factors that workers can account for is knowing how to properly roll with the impact of a fall.


This is especially important for those operating heavy machinery – such as the Caterpillar D4K2 bulldozer seen in the background. Not only does the equipment itself require a worker to be at an elevated height, there is a lot of steel and hard surfaces to hit on the way down. This is also one of the reasons that Caterpillar has prioritized safety in their cockpit design for both their line of bulldozers and other heavy machinery.

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Considered small compared to its bigger brethren, the D4K2 Caterpillar bulldozer is one of the mainstays of the commercial building industry. Not only is it great for demolition