The World’s Most Beautiful Golf Drive

Alright, so the only thing hotter than this girl is her golf drive. Check it out. She nails it! This is the sort of thing that shatters stereotypes. You know what I’m talking about, right? The stereotypes that usually revolve around hot blonde girls being less than intelligent. Well this beauty could be a liaison for the advocacy group, “Blondes with Brains”. Her golf drive is absolutely flawless! Yet, instead of being captivated by her beauty, or amazed at her skill, I find myself getting a little hot under the collar, miffed if you will. I mean let’s be honest here people, sometimes my golf swing works, other times it is just plain ugly! Her golf swing looks so effortless that it can really get to you if you play often. To understand why, look at these points.

Problems With Her Golf Swing

1. She is not wearing regulation clothes. Her golf attire is not appropriate. I don’t see any collared shirt, and I have looked long and hard. I assure you! Maybe if I could wear a tank top and golf “King of the Hill” style, my golf swing might look like that, too!


2. Her shoes are all wrong. This is probably the one that makes me the most angry. She is not wearing golf shoes. Nope, instead she is wearing typical white tennis shoes and socks that run elegantly up her legs, leading your eyes to walk the rest of the way up to her beautiful smile. It is deceptive! I could never pull off a golf shot like that in those shoes like those. The fact that she nails that golf ball with no grip on her shoes is pretty amazing. The fact that she does it better than me, pure madness.
3. She is too pretty. This breaks every rule of golf. I am not trying to down the sport at all, but just take a look at the professional women who play golf. There are a couple of beauties, but for the most part, they just look like your typical female athlete. This girl is way to pretty for this sort of thing. Her looks are a secret weapon. There is no way you could concentrate if she were your partner. Let me clarify. I am not saying I would NOT want to be her partner. I am saying her looks give her an unfair advantage though.

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Those are just a few points that really chap my hide, so to speak. I am sure there are more, but I seem to forget them every time I see her take a swing. The loop has this sort of