This Caterpillar 797F Takes Up Both Sides of the Highway

In the world of industrial grade mining operations, the more storage capacity – the better. And this Caterpillar 797F is the answer to what those industry giants crave. Weighing over a million pounds and over 32 feet in width, it’s not very good at sharing the road. This video shows a stretch of highway in Chile where a Caterpillar 797F was trying to get to the mining operation. Unfortunately for all the other vehicles on the road, the choice was clear – pull over or be run off. With a width of over thirty two feet and a towering fifty feet in height, this vehicle is great at moving large swaths of earth and rock – not negotiating with economy sized sedans for road usage.

Answering the Call for a Bigger Dump Truck

Sometimes big just can’t ever be big enough. When geologists and engineers discover a pocket of gold, iron ore or copper, it’s usually measured in a concentration. Mineral exploration and site surveying will reveal a density of drilling whereby for every so many tons of earth mined, a certain amount of the target mineral can be refined. Resource extraction is extremely inefficient and costly and the only way to really make it work is through the mass removal of large sections of the earth for processing. In order to make this process more efficient, mine operators have to get as much of the ore to the refinery as possible. There is no room for error. A slight deviation can cost the mine considerably and result in its closure or liquidation. As such, Caterpillar alongside some other heavy machinery producers, have stepped up to the plate to offer its own class of heavy-duty dump trucks.


Powered by two engines when hauling a load, the gross power of the Caterpillar 797F is approximately 4000 hp. While that sounds impressive, in order to move over a million pounds of mechanical mammoth, that’s precisely what’s needed. A max cargo capacity of 400 tons (896,000 lbs), it can haul almost its own weight in ore. However, with a full load, its max speed is 42 mph. Can you imagine being stuck behind one of those on the freeway?

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And when it comes to stopping, the Caterpillar 797F requires 10 front disc brakes per side for the front and 15 in the rear. In total, in order to reliably come to a stop, this be