This Ice Fishing Tip-Up Brings In A Big One!

There’s nothing more exciting than rolling out on the deep ice on your snowmobile to see the pleasant sign of fish-on-the-line! Ice fishing traps are a great way to trap fish until you’re ready to get them. These guys know how it’s done! Simple design tip-up traps and a well augured ice hole. It’s not about any one trap, it’s about setting up a system. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Finding The Right Tip-Up For Ice Fishing

After digging or drilling a hole in the ice using an auger, you’re going to want to put a tip-up that has a flag easily visible from a long distance away. A tip-up ice fishing flag visible from about 100 yards is perfect. Just remember – you’ll likely be putting a lot of tip-ups in the water so it will be a good idea to use flags that are easily distinguishable.


The tip-up ice fishing rig should be made of a durable material. Some handmade versions rely on cheap wood or polymers that don’t react well to freezing temperatures – this is bad. A great tip-up is designed to keep the spool and some of the line above water. The most ideal materials for ice fishing tip-ups are usually wood or metal because plastic doesn’t handle sunlight and cold temperatures as well.

Recap: Ice Fishing Tip-Up Trap Selection
• Durable metal or wood material
• Easily visible flag
• Line is kept lubricated
• Hook and line is kept submerged
• Size 6-8 hook for bluegill, crappie, or panfish
• Size 4-6 for walleye
• Size 2/0 or 6/0 for pike
• Don’t put too much weight on the line

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Hooks are an important piece of ice fishing. Scout out what types of fish are commonly found in any particular body of water and set your traps accordingly. Check back on them f