Hooters Girl Does A Bang-up Job During a Baseball Game

Every baseball league has their own record-setting years and individual baseball teams have their own unique accolades. However, take a look at this baseball game between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay to see a record setting event of another kind. Oh yeah, and there is a hot blonde in the mix too, so there’s that.

She may not look very dangerous sitting in that chair, but little do both teams know what is about to happen. That girl is a weapon. Depending on which team you play for, you will either love her or hate her. Why? Well, you’ll have to keep reading for that one. It seems like this Hooters girl may have stayed at Hooters happy hour a bit too long, and the lingering effects have found their way to this game.

Was That Ball in Play?

This spring training game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays took a turn for sure. The weather was fair, and the attitude of the fans was light. That’s a good thing for the Hooters girl, for after picking up a ball that was hit in her direction, and giving it to a young fan, she is informed that she just interrupted live play. That’s right, she picked up a ball that was live and interrupted the entire play. It’s a good thing this was a training game or things could have gotten ugly!


The fans are the real heroes here. They kindly point out the error and help her on her way. The walk back to her chair is the shortest walk of shame you have ever seen. It is also one of the most rare, since no alcohol or late-night frat parties were involved.

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But you might be wondering about that record that I mentioned earlier? What could possibly be record-setting about a Hooters employee picking up a ball during live play to i