World’s Largest ATV

What could be finer than blasting through a massive mud pit on your favorite ATV? Well, how about blasting through your favorite mud pit on the world’s largest ATV? This four wheeled wonder has won many awards according to its owner. After much chiding, they decided to get their pretty pet muddy and post it up for all to see. After viewing this clip we have come up with two main points.

Know What you Are Getting Into Before You Get Into It

This sounds like conventional wisdom right? You can almost hear your grandmother matter of factly saying it while she quietly cooks up a nice pot of stew on the kitchen stove. Well this guy might have heeded grandma’s advice. The ATV itself is a thing of beauty. Outfitted with 32 inch Silverback tires, and a suspension kit that gives it an additional 3 feet of ground clearance, it is ready for just about anything, especially deep mud pits. It effortlessly glides through this pit like a warm knife through butter. Now you are hungry for Grandma’s cooking huh? Before you run off to her house all giddy, speaking gibberish about lifted ATVs and her fantastic stew… let’s look at our second point.


A Big ATV is ALWAYS handy

I say that speaking from experience. I sat here with the team of me, myself and I for a good half hour coming up with different scenarios where a large, lifted four wheeler would come in handy. We came up with things like…

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Going fishing, going to the sporting goods store, driving it to a wedding, going fishing, picking your kids up from school, taking your wife on a date, going fishing and finally‚Ä