Would be Thief Gets Owned by a Mercedes!

This is proof that having a good arm does not always mean things will work out well for you. Check out this surveillance footage of a guy throwing a brick at a Mercedes. It seems like the Mercedes had a trick or two of its own as it appears to throw it back and knock the would-be thief out cold. That rubbery bounce off the window of the E Class Coupe gives us viewers a great pay day!

This is the stuff of legend. In fact, I bet David Hasselhoff would be right proud if he could view this video. He would probably make it mandatory training for his car, Kit, from the old Knight Rider television series. I don’t know, maybe some sort of automobile self-defense course or something like that. At any rate, it’s pretty entertaining and funny to watch. Here’s what you may not know.


The Mercedes E Class Owner Tries to Help the Thief

Gerry Brady and his business partner own an Irish pub. They left late one night to find this guy knocked out cold right next to his business partner’s car. Gary’s business buddy owns a Mercedes E Class Coupe. These things are elegant and beautiful, and come with the type of world-class speed and performance you would expect from classic German engineering. The E class is the midsize model, yet don’t let it fool you. The performance is amazing.

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However, I bet they never expected this sort of performance from the car. As the guy comes to, they offer to call an ambulance, but he was adamantly opposed to it. He preferred no