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Loading Boat Y

This Alaskan Fishing Boat’s Loading Technique Will Surprise You

Alaskan fishermen are world renowned for their ability to head out on some of the most treacherous seas and come back in one piece. Their no nonsense attitude is what…

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RC Tow Truck Out Of Lake

Tow Truck Hauls Up More Than Just A Water-Logged GMC

When great weather hits, it’s time to get that boat onto the water. Loading ramps are a great way to slowly lower a boat trailer into the water without scraping…

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The World's Most Beautiful Golf Drive

The World’s Most Beautiful Golf Drive

Alright, so the only thing hotter than this girl is her golf drive. Check it out. She nails it! This is the sort of thing that shatters stereotypes. You know…

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Ridiculous Car Repairs 23

30 Hilarious Car Repairs You’ll Love

What happens when you lose your gas cap? Go to the auto parts store and buy a new one, right? Nope. Why waste hard earned money on something so expensive.…

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Raptor vs Tundra

Ford vs. Toyota in an Epic Tug of War

This is one of those epic tug-of-wars where two pickup trucks get together and see who wins. There are many of these plastered all over the Internet, yet this tug-of-war…

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WB Ice Fishing Tip-Up

This Ice Fishing Tip-Up Brings In A Big One!

There’s nothing more exciting than rolling out on the deep ice on your snowmobile to see the pleasant sign of fish-on-the-line! Ice fishing traps are a great way to trap…

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Webb Hooters Baseball Fail

Hooters Girl Does A Bang-up Job During a Baseball Game

Every baseball league has their own record-setting years and individual baseball teams have their own unique accolades. However, take a look at this baseball game between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay…

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Monster Trout

Fisherman Finally Catches This Elusive Monster

You have got to check out this ice fishing demonstration. You won’t believe this guy’s catch! This is what every guy dreams for their fishing trip to turn out. I…

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Webb Fighter Jet 1

Watch These F-22 Raptors Practice Take Off and Landing!

Nothing just tears up the sky like an F-22 Raptor fighter jet. Yet, you wouldn’t know it by looking at this airplane landing. Designed by Lockheed Martin, the Raptor represents…

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World's Largest ATV

World’s Largest ATV

What could be finer than blasting through a massive mud pit on your favorite ATV? Well, how about blasting through your favorite mud pit on the world’s largest ATV? This…

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